Christine, thanks for the GREAT JOB you did to organize my home; especially my closets and files! Your work speaks volumes about the kind of person you are--efficient, well organized and result-oriented.

Dan R. - Dallas, Texas

Closets by Chicka is so much more than just closets!! Christine is a life saver!! As a busy mom of 3 kids, I was frazzled and frustrated trying to settled in to my new home. Christine came in and organized my pantry, kitchen and closets in just a few hours. I had spent three hectic weeks overwhelmed with the task. In one afternoon, she stepped in and organized it all teaching me a few tricks along the way. I highly recommend Closets by Chicka to all my friends who are moving or just need to get their home life under control.

Jill T. - Plano, Texas

My experience with Closets by Chicka was life Changing! I had let things build up in my Hobby / Craft room until it was just too overwhelming to attempt on my own. Christine is non-judgmental, hardworking, and so creative with her organizing. I now have workspace with everything labeled and close at hand. I spend hours in there now whereas before I only walked through it to get into the garage. Ugh! Now it is my favorite room in my house!!!

I can not wait to have Christine back to help me with other areas in my home. She has a clear vision and makes organizing so rewarding!

Melissa B. – Lake Highlands, TX

As I started to unpack, the task became even more daunting and I decided to call for help. Christine was great! She quickly assessed my situation and got to work. I was amazed by not only how many boxes she unpacked, but how organized everything was. When she finished, she explained to me how she organized my items so I would know where to find anything. She also gave me pointers on staying organized and recommendations on clearing out clutter. I was so motivated that I've since been able to get rid of clothes and other items I've been hanging onto for years. My only regret is that I didn't call Christine sooner!

Carol J. – Irving, TX

Christine's organizing skills have proven invaluable in helping me dissolve the clutter pockets in my home. Christine resolves what could be intimidating projects efficiently and successfully during a manageable work session. She brings an upbeat approach to the work that makes the time go by quickly, and the great feeling of accomplishment afterward – in addition to a more beautiful living space – is well worth her reasonable fee. I highly recommend working with Christine to address your organizing needs.

Lisa D. – Dallas, TX

I am so happy to recommend Christine with Closets by Chicka - she is the most focused person I have ever met. She is non-judgmental and also compassionate. She will keep you on task while working with her and also going forward, which is what most of us need to get from a third party. She has done more for me than I ever imagined in 8 hours over 2 sessions.

Donna M. – Dallas, TX

I was very overwhelmed when my husband and I made a big move to Dallas from DeSoto. We had boxes everywhere, a full schedule ahead of us, and no time to organize anything in our new home. My daughterinlaw highly recommended Christine because she had worked with her in the past and knew of her excellence.

Her focused efficiency and talent were amazing. She unpacked and set up our entire home and it only required half the time I had expected it too. I have her back from time to time for maintenance because it makes my life so much easier and helps to add to a great quality of life!!!

Kay M. – Dallas, Texas

I do not know how I ever lived without Closets by Chicka! You make my life happy and more peaceful. You are truly a blessing and I appreciate you so much!

Heather C. – Dallas, Texas

Christine Shanklin with Closets by Chicka is a breath of fresh air! I had projects that I had postponed since moving into our home four years ago, that I just never found the time for.

When I discovered Christine offered the kind of assistance I needed. I decided to make a list of my needs and to finally really get organized. I made a list of what things were bothering me the most and I would schedule Christine. She would come tell me the best way to conquer the task. The things I felt overwhelmed doing alone were suddenly easy and went very fast. She is a master of making the most of the time you are paying her for!

Christine has the ability to do things in one-fourth the time that I can. She has been blessed with a gift that she has perfected. She kept me focused and on task when we worked together and I never hesitated to leave her alone with a project. She oozes honesty and integrity. She is also pleasant to be with and always encouraging.

She is honest and I was so delighted with the progress we made that I hired her to help me when we downsized my 85 year old mother into a smaller home. Christine was so patient and kind with her that my mother was asking for her to come back and help her with other projects. I will be calling this angel on earth to come again and help with other projects I have identified.

Colleen H. – Westlake, TX

My first project with Christine from Closets by Chicka was to tackle my over grown closet. In no less than 3 hours, we had weeded through mounds and mounds of clothes. The amount I ultimately gave away literally covered my king size bed and was piled pretty high. This is a task I have been dreading (on a daily basis when I get dressed), since I bought my house over a year ago! What a huge relief to bring order to my chaos!! And if I would have known it would have taken me only 3 hours with Christine and have been so reasonable in cost and FUN, I would have done this MONTHS ago!

Since then, I have had Christine organize my office, bills, mail, etc. She is so much fun and extremely trustworthy and reasonable! Christine will definitely be a continued presence in my home.

Courtney K. – Dallas, TX

I was referred to Christine, and Closets by Chicka, by a friend who previously used her services. I needed assistance with organizing and sorting 30+ years of household items and general “stuff” from my elderly mother’s home. Making this more complicated and stressful for me was the fact that her home had been broken into multiple times and trashed repeatedly by the thieves. Prior to contacting Christine, I tried several times on my own to begin the sorting process. I lasted no more than 10-15 minutes each time because I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Without Christine’s assistance, I would likely still be trying to sort through the items in the house. Christine worked with me for several days to tackle every room of the house. Immediately she made me feel comfortable. She was able to bring humor and compassion, while making sure we remained on task for the day. Christine also has a wealth of resources that she was able to refer me to and call upon, from donation locations to consignment shops to trash removal companies. To say that Christine was a miracle worker is an understatement. Without reservation I would use Christine, and Closets by Chicka, again.

Leticia Mc. – Dallas, Texas

I have wanted to organize my home for years. The only thing holding me back was the fear of someone seeing all my imperfections and judging me. Outside of my home I am a very successful business woman. No one that knows me would ever guess that every room in my home is cluttered and some barely functional. My “New Year’s Resolution” was to change the way I am living, once and for all. I found Closets by Chicka on-line and finally made the call. Christine aka Chicka was friendly, understanding, and I could tell she really knew what she was doing. She has been to my home several times now and I cannot believe what we were able to accomplish. What we got done in 6 hours would have taken me days, if not weeks to do on my own. Every time she leaves she gives me a reasonable list of homework so I can keep the project going on my own, which helps keep me motivated and accountable. The best thing about hiring her was she never judged me, not even once. She just came and started working. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that. I highly recommend this Go-getter! Loving my new outlook on life!

Jeannie M – Dallas, Texas

I share with all of my friends that working with Christine Shanklin was the best money I have ever spent! I felt overwhelmed every time I walked into my garage. It was pilled with boxes, BIG boxes, that I had moved several times around the country. Christine, was organized in her process and kept us on task! We finished earlier than expected thanks to her focus! Now everything has a home, including my car! I could have never completed that project without her!

Emily S. – Dallas, TX

I have always had a lot of trouble with organization, clutter, and making decisions. After interviewing lots of organizers, Christine with Closets by Chicka, just really stood out!!! She is professional, confidential, non-judgmental, and has an innate ability for order. She actually makes it Fun!

After moving, I had a room full of boxes that was too scary to open the door! Christine helped me go through them all and find homes and organization for everything! She's quick and worth every penny! Now, when there's a project around my house, my husband actually says, "Why don't you call Christine?" THAT says it ALL!!

Leslie K. – Dallas, TX

Christine Shanklin, Closets by Chicka, is a marvel. She brought order, logic and elegance to my business office. I’ve owned my own business for twenty-seven years, always operating from my home. Recently, I considered moving into outside office space because my office had gradually become more and more cluttered with my reference library, my files, and my document boxes. I no longer enjoyed being in my office, but organizing it myself was overwhelming. I didn’t see a way to make it workable any longer. In fact, I was doing a lot of work at the dining room table!

In a very short time, Christine transformed my office into a better space than it had ever been. She helped me to quickly determine what was essential to keep, what I could shred, and what could be re-cycled or thrown away. She ordered my files in such a way that I can now put my hands on any file I need instantly. She ingeniously put to use all sorts of space that I wasn’t using, and hadn’t seen how to use, or how to use space more effectively. Her efficiency, high energy, creativity, and affirmative comments throughout the process inspired me to do a lot on my own, and to take pride in my accomplishments. We worked well together. She made suggestions, but never pushed me if I was reluctant.

I now love my office! I happily work in it every day. Moreover, I haven’t used the dining room table for anything since other than meals. I give Christine Shanklin my highest recommendation, and I look forward to her helping me in the future.

Carolyn B. – Dallas, Texas

Thank you Chicka! You are the BEST organizer that anyone could ever, ever have for their home and/or work! This probably sounds silly but, I realized that if I admitted that I had hired an "organizer" for my home (for closets & drawers) then that would mean I'm disorganized. I've been trying to hide being disorganized, forever. And no doubt, it has still been obvious to those who know me well. With this said, my little secret is out. You really, really made a difference with me! You truly are amazing and super-uber talented!!!!

Love to you!!!!

Jenny R. – Dallas, Texas

Closets by Chicka is WONDERFUL!!!!! Christine helped me find order among chaos, and continues to help keep this order. She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and efficient, as well as being a true dedicated professional. She knows what needs to be done, and WOW!!! Does she get it done. Christine was a tremendous help to me, and a wonderful resource. I have recommended her to others, and I will continue to do so. I'm so glad that I know about her and her service.

Thanks, Christine.

Debbie S. – Dallas, Texas

You are the greatest! I can't thank you enough for helping me unpack and organize my new kitchen. It meant so much more to me than just organization. You helped me feel relaxed and at peace in my new home.

Thanks again!

Diane C. – Plano, Texas

Christine with Closets by Chicka helped me organize my entire home. I was so embarrassed the first time she came, until I met her. She was non-judgmental and so kind. She really just wanted to help me get my life and home back! Not only did we accomplish what I wanted to, but it was actually fun. As we worked, we were able to joke and laugh. (I did not see that coming!)

I highly recommend this great lady for all of your organizing needs!

Monica P. – Dallas

When I first thought about working with an organizer it was exciting, but very scary to think someone would actually see all my junk and BE TOUCHING IT. What if I couldn't find things again, what if they judged me,what if things got thrown away? My experience with Christine Shanklin has been wonderful. She is very professional, personable, schedule conscious, non-judgmental and focused. I can look at something I've found in some pile of paper and be totally distracted for an instant or for hours, depending on what treasure I've come across. Christine keeps me focused gently without running over me like a steamroller and without laying a guilt trip on me. Her goals are my goals, but without the fear I sometimes feel when I look at a scary box to unpack or a pile of papers that I've successfully been avoiding or an overwhelming closet or room. I feel like I can see light at the end of a tunnel I've been building for years.I know for a fact that nowif I want to find my daughters report cards or testing results that I can because I have actually done that in the last few weeks.Thank you Christine for giving me hope that I don't have to live this way anymore.

Vivian S. – Dallas, TX

Chicka and her colleague were both lifesavers during our move. They worked so well together and I was amazed at how quickly we were unpacked and enjoying our new home. They got every box unpacked, helped me with organizing decisions, and even helped with decorating ideas. They were warm and friendly, and truly helped in our transition to Texas!

Jennifer S. – Dallas, Texas

We had a huge job of emptying several storage units, that were out of state. Chicka called in extra helpers and the entire project went more smoothly than we ever dreamed. We would never have gotten through it without her.

Glenda B. - Dallas, Texas

Christine and I went to high school together and met back up at a reunion event. I was very excited to hire her to help me pack for a move, and more recently to organize the kitchen and closets in my new house. She is efficient, organized, and works with a tremendous amount of energy. I am amazed at how much work we can get done in just one day! She is experienced and very professional. You will not be disappointed!

Juliana S. - Plano, Texas

Christine came out to my office and worked with us to address a few areas of concern. We worked side by side for half a day and I was very impressed with her work ethic..... she didn't stop working the entire time! Christine left us with some ideas and processes to implement and a to do list to help improve office clutter and organization. I am a very satisfied customer.

Thanks Christine!

Grant G. - Dallas, Texas

I am very happy and confident to recommend Christine Shanklin. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to move 6 times in 6 years and when I was finally able to purchase a house and settle down to say that I needed to de-clutter was an understatement. Christine was always willing to schedule around my crazy work life and quick to re-reuse and re-purpose what I already had to avoid spending money unnecessarily. However, the best gift was the new understanding that she gave me of how being organized saves me money and stress… she was worth every penny!

T. Russell. – McKinney, TX

I was horrified to even make the call to Closets by Chicka. After a back injury, my house was completely out of control. I was embarrassed to even let my closest friends come over due to the overflowing clutter. But I made the call and Christine was so kind and non-judgmental. She came over, assessed the situation and we got so much done in just a few hours! That girl can work!

If you think it is expensive to hire her, honestly she will save you money! On her first visit, we found the key I had lost to my husband's truck (replacement value - $200), $200 worth of unused gift cards and my mother's jade ring (priceless). In addition, I could see how to better utilize what I already had in my wardrobe, etc.

My house is looking better and better, thanks to Christine! I plan to use her in every room in the house and would not hesitate to refer her to anyone. Best money I have ever spent!

Joy H. – Plano, TX

One word that describes Christine Shanklin with Closets by Chicka – AMAZING!

Best money I ever spent! I recommend her to everyone I know!

Amanda G. – University Park, TX

Closets by Chicka has changed my life. I have always considered myself somewhat organized in that I rarely lose things or miss an appointment, but because I have the tendency to be organized in some things, the chaos in my home affected me daily. Since Christine has been helping me to take the time and organize my bedroom closet, master bathroom and home office, I have actually had a physical reaction to these changes. Before Christine, I was never able to relax in the evening and watch TV with my husband because of the guilt I would feel when doing this. When my children asked me to play a game or to color with them, I would never do it because I always was always so busy trying to figure out where all our “stuff” would go or how to organize the memories that I have chosen to keep. So instead of spending time with my family, I was spending time dealing with the stuff and that is not the kind of mother I wanted to be.

Christine has such a simple way of deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. Once the decision is made, she knows exactly where to put the stuff and how to organize it so that it is in a logical place and easy to get to when needed. I love that when she leaves, there is a sense of calmness that arrives in her place. She is great about making homework lists, so I can remember exactly what I need to do on my own so that I can get the tools I need to keep things in their places. Christine is amazing. She is so professional and made me feel at ease every time I talk to her.

She is a life changing miracle worker and I just wish I would have met her 10 years ago!!!

Brenda R. – Dallas, TX

I originally hired Christine with Closets by Chicka to help me organize my office. She has been working with me periodically now for several years. I recently asked her to help organize several other areas in our home: The kitchen & pantry, master bedroom, master closets, our daughter's bedroom & closet, several smaller closets around the house, the laundry room, garage, and a very large walk-in attic. So basically, most of our home.

Christine works hard to accommodate the customer's wishes and needs with the highest integrity and character. She is always prompt, hard working, and very trustworthy. I highly recommend her for "Any and All" organizing you might have in your home or with a business.

Beverly B. – Dallas, TX

"Working with Chicka was a great experience! We moved into our house about three years ago and let one of our most beautiful rooms, the office; turn into a dumping ground. We had piles of papers, office supplies, pictures, and junk all over the room and we didn't know how to begin. Chicka came over and attacked this project like a true professional, not to mention, she's a lot of fun to work with. In a matter of two sessions, we went through all the papers and came up with a very functional filing system that worked perfectly for our family. It still works great today because there's a place for all our paperwork that piles up every day on my kitchen island. The office is finally looking beautiful again! Now I want to have Chicka help me in every room in the house!”

Thanks Chicka!

Jennifer M. – Allen, TX

I needed some help organizing my Master Bedroom Closet, so I called Christine with Closets by Chicka. It went so well that I decided to have her back and help me organize other areas in our home. We worked in the Master Bathroom, Kitchen, Wet Bar, Laundry Room, and my Home Office. It was a great experience. She is hard working, trustworthy, and fun to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone needing some help organizing anything in his or her home or business.

Katy B. – Dallas, TX

Christine has made me a believer in the need for using a personal organizer. She is Personable, Reliable and On Time with everything she does... a real PRO. I would hire her today if I still lived in the Dallas metroplex. Christine helped me prepare for two business moves and I still follow her advice when dealing with junk I don't need. Christine provides great value because she is so good! You will be glad with your decision to hire this hard-working lady.

Kevin V. – Plano, TX

Chicka was referred to me by a friend to whom I had expressed a complaint of disorganization- the typical wife/mom who is always cleaning out and organizing, but just doesn't ever seem "Organized." We had just moved this summer and thought we were settled, until every weekend it seemed we were trying to still sort, throw out, organize, and place things. It really takes a special gift to be able to see, assess, and then follow through with a plan to sort, prioritize, and organize things. I do not have this gift at all, but thankfully Chicka does. She was so wonderful and assertive at helping me on our first visit for my kitchen, that I have now had her continue with all rooms and closets in our house, even the garage. We were certain the garage would take 2 full days to get done, but she did it in 3 hours.

She is professional, non-judgmental and so easy to work with. She also has the knowledge to be able to know what kinds of shelving, boxes, labeling, etc is needed for each very different situation. She is a joy to work with and I would refer her to anyone with any task- big or small. It was a priceless investment that will continue paying for itself every time I put things back in their place- because everything has a labeled place now!

Thank you so much Chicka!

Meg B. – Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for a wonderful organization experience with our garage. I love it so much I kept going back in to look at it. It feels like a whole new space!

Sam K. – Dallas, TX

I found myself in a situation where I live out of town and needed to help my aging parents get their house ready to support my mother coming home from re-hab. I needed to get the house organized in order to clean it from top to bottom. I was so pleased to have found Christine owner of “Closets by Chicka”. She worked with me to turn chaos into organization. She accomplished in 4 hours what it would have taken me days to do by myself. When the cleaning crew came the next day they were not hampered by messes. I honestly can say not only was Christine’s skills appreciated, but she was very enjoyable to work with. In closing she is worth every dollar I spent.

Thanks so much for your help!

Lynda D. – Longmont, Colorado

Ahhhh, what a blessing! I met Christine through a good friend in Dallas in a social setting. Honestly, I remember thinking, "I'm organized." "Well, for the most part. I will get to it when the kids are older." Ha! That's funny. So a year later, yes, a year later, I called my friend and asked for Christine's number.

What an amazing professional, with your utmost privacy respected! She found everything from dollar value to sentimental valued items. Her honestly and work ethic is top notch. I have worked with her several times and I have another appointment in a few weeks!

Victoria J. – Fairview, TX

I first found Christine when I was looking for an organizer to help my Mom declutter her home. She did an amazing job so I decided to hire her to help me with my house too. She's very efficient, communicates well, and simply an excellent organizer. Her people skills are excellent helping her connect with clients so they feel comfortable and never judged. I will recommend Closets by Chicka to all my friends and family.

Andy R. – Southlake, TX

ChristineShanklinwas part of a group organizing project for an episode of Hoarders filmed in May of 2010.Christineworked diligently and steady for 2 days of filming. It was a pleasure having Christine on my organizing team and if I return to the DFW area to do another episode of Hoarders,Christinewill be invited back again to help declutter, sort, and categorize items.

Geralin Thomas, CPO-CD – The A&E Channel Hoarders episode filmed in Irving, TX

Christine came into my life when I needed her most. It was August 2010. I moved into a one bedroom apartment in Dallas from a three bedroom house in Austin. After the movers left, I stood amongst 60 boxes and started to cry. I was totally overwhelmed by the stress of moving while mourning the recent loss of my sister. Realizing this task was too large and emotional for just me, I googled "professional organizer in Dallas" and found Christine. She came to my rescue, zipped around my apartment, and organized my kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom in five hours. Christine handled my situation without judgment and with care and positivity. Recently, she came back to my home and we tackled all my paperwork, photos, and memorabilia. Now, thanks to Christine, my entire place is fully organized, labeled, and clutter free. Christine radiates a positive energy and just zips around until your home is perfect! Thank you, Christine, as your work is invaluable and appreciated more than words can express.

Allison C. – Dallas, TX

What do I say about Closets by Chicka?

Christine Shanklin is an organizer I have used for years and when I decided to move to Austin after living in my Dallas house for 27 years I knew I needed her!!! She helped me prepare for the move and purge through all my closets, rooms, & pantry so I could put my house on the market. It looked great and it sold in only TWO days!!!

Then she came to Austin and worked for several days setting up my new home!!! She set up my kitchen - it is so great. She worked tirelessly in my hot hot garage and organized it perfectly. My closets that seemed so discouragingly tiny.....she did her magic and they are amazingly easy to use and they look did she do that? I called the other day on my way to Home Depot to buy a new hammer & tools to hang pictures and asked if she had any idea where my old ones might be. She pinpointed them in a box of things we had not had time to unpack yet! Amazing!!! More than anything, she is my friend. She works so hard and is such fun to spend time with during a difficult move.

Thank you Christine!!!

Melissa B. – Austin, TX

I felt nervous the first day Christine with Closets by Chicka came to help me organize my cluttered home. Within the first few minutes, I felt completely at ease as she made me realize that I was not the only person on earth to have a cluttered lifestyle. She was so professional and her organizational competencies had me following her lead in no time. What is even better is by talking to her and listening to her, I started adapting to her way of thinking and without even knowing it I started developing my own ability to organize! Projects that would have taken me 3 months to complete, took 3 hours with Christine. The service she provides is invaluable because it improved my living space, taught me how to organize, and gave me peace of mind. I highly recommend Christine for any of your organizational needs!!!

Karen P. – Dallas, TX

“Wow!!” is a good place to start here! Yes, I was practically speechless when I saw Christine’s results. “Closets by Chicka” salvaged my hope! Before, I thought I was drowning, and I could hardly bear to even look at the mess. I played little mind games with myself and pretended that it didn’t exist, or it wasn’t that bad, or told myself that I would work on it “tomorrow”. Well, “tomorrow” never came until “Closets by Chicka” came in to save the day!

Within minutes, I completely put my trust in Christine. It doesn’t take long to see that she is a no-nonsense worker, very capable, serious about getting down to business---all with a wonderful, pleasant and positive personality. What a package! I even felt comfortable leaving her at our house alone while I went to my nail appointment. When I returned, I was basically blown away. My mess of an office was completely cleaned out and organized, everything in it’s perfect place, and I could actually breathe again for the first time in months! (Okay…. years!)

Another unexpected surprise was that Christine took it upon herself to go through all my messy piles of mail (some dated back as far as 2007!) and throw away all the obvious junk mail. To boot, she actually found a hefty uncashed check and a credit card that I had “lost” over a year earlier! (Happy New Year to me!)

All I can say is that if you want to get jump-started on your life and feel the elation of a wonderful new beginning in taking control of your life, “Closets by Chicka” is the one professional organizing company you should call. Do it! You will not be sorry!

Christine, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did in our home! I’m so looking forward to you coming back to help me with our closets and garage. You Rock!!

Lisa W. – Denton, TX

After recently becoming a mom, I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we had accumulated as well as the lack of time I now had to deal with all of it. I asked my family to give me money for Christmas to hire a professional organizer to help me. Christine was the answer! She is a hard worker and fast. She was only at my house for five hours and we finished my closet, the pantry and the utility room. I purged most of my clothing before her arrival but she insisted on us going through my purses, shoes, hats and other items, which proved so helpful in the end. She didn’t laugh at my stuff (at least not out loud) but did question me as to whether or not I would really be using it in the future. She designed a plan for washing, hanging and transporting clothing in the utility room that I absolutely needed. I was feeling so overwhelmed with laundry (particularly because of the amount of baby clothing I now had to wash, fold & hang). She motivated me so much that I continued to work on purging things in the bathroom and kitchen cabinets after she left. I had 7 large garbage bags of stuff to donate after and several bags of trash from the pantry. Christine is well worth the time and money! I would definitely recommend her.

Alisa B. – Plano, TX

What to do with a Godzilla garage? Call Christine Shanklin of Closets by Chicka! Her unique talents in sorting, purging, storing and organizing have transformed Godzilla into a garage fit for a Goddess! The cars fit! The tools are organized. The gardening gizmos have a place. Best of all, it was a fun, stress-free, enjoyable process. Forget the day at the spa! Call Christine to bring the “Ohmmm” of Organization, Peace, and Serenity back into your life!

Jeanne S. – Plano, TX

I'm so glad I found Christine of Closets By Chicka! Having had little time to pack for two moves within the last year, working full-time, and being the single parent of a seven-year old, I was overwhelmed with the site of all the boxes in the garage of my new home. I was exhausted from having spent all my spare time packing for the last move, and felt guilty for pretty much neglecting my son during that time.

Christine is amazing!! She has completely changed my world. When I first hired her, I was sure that she wouldn't want to come back - my office and home clutter was so chaotic. Instead, she looked at it as a challenge and never once made me feel embarrassed to be so disorganized. She just went to work and put systems in place to create order, all while being friendly and making the process fun. Christine is one of my greatest assets in my business and home life, without her help I'd still be sorting through the 30 stacks of papers on my office floor!

Janice P. – Dallas, TX

I am a single mom with two kids and I run an Insurance Agency. I asked Chicka for her help in getting my closets and my drawers organized. I have never been good at doing that. She worked very hard all day at getting everything organized for me. She even had a labeler and other supplies in her car to help. She didn't make fun of my old outfits and did not make me get rid of anything that I did not want to get rid of. I would definitely do it again. And will probably need her again in the future for what she calls "Maintenance".

Kelly B. – Tyler, TX

“I can't say enough about Christine's work. She truly is amazing at what she does and at a very resonable rate. She makes sense out of clutter and transforms the worst closets into an organized workable space. Unbelievable! I have already sent her two referrals just by talking to friends about it. You won't be dissapointed.”

Melinda B. – Dallas, TX

Christine of "Closets by Chicka" has drastically changed my life. The clutter in my garage had become so out of control and overwhelming that I had just given up. I submitted to the "defeat of clutter". I felt depressed and stressed every time I drove in or out of my garage. With Christine's help I was able to sort, purge and get rid of items I had been lugging around for years. Not sure why!!! As I sorted through items I started to actually feel in control of my "life"! What a wonderful feeling!!!!

This sounds cliché but Christine has worked a miracle in my life. I started a new year clutter free and happy. Thanks CLOSETS BY CHICKA!!!

Victoria from Dallas, Clutter Free and Loving Life!!!!

I had never used an organizer before Christine with Closets by Chicka came to my home. She started at a time I was organizing my Office. However within a few weeks...I ended up selling my home and having to move within just a couple of months. She immediately went into action on my three-car-garage (which was completely stacked with boxes) and helped me to pack my 3800 sq. foot home with ease and confidence. Her skills are unbelievable...her memory impeccable...very detailed and full of ideas for organization. Honestly, the past year I probably would have become insane without Christine's capability for organization and 'on-task- operation of leaving a home and then making a new house a home.

Thanks Christine!! You are AWESOME!!!!

Cecelia C. – University Park, TX

It is unbelievable what Closets by Chicka was able to do with my closet in three hours. I could not even walk in there when Christine came over. It was like an obstacle course trying to get to my clothes and shoes, much less find what I was looking for. She managed to get everything off the floor onto shelves, color coordinate my clothes and get all my shoes in their appropriate boxes - in three hours! When my husband saw the closet, he said, "I love this woman! I can't believe I can actually walk into the closet."

Equally as unbelievable, was with Christine's help I got rid of three giant garbage bags of clothes that I had not worn in many, many years. I could never have done that without her. And I have not missed one item of clothing.

And since she helped me I have kept my closet organized. I was even inspired to clean out my "junk room" on my own. Closets by Chicka is phenomenal!!!

Thanks so much for your inspiration.

Terri H. – Plano, TX

When I moved into a new apartment recently, I was blown away by Christine's enthusiasm and creativity in helping me get things sorted out. I've never seen so much productivity in such a short amount of time. She organized my life!

Lauren H. – Addison, TX

It is a pleasure to have an opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for Christine Shanklin and the other professional organizers on the job. They unpacked and organized our new place in 2008. They were punctual and worked steadily until the job was done. Each box was carefully unpacked and each item was carefully and logically put away. I am happy to report the team's professionalism, neatness, attention to detail, and competence was beyond reproach. I wouldn't even consider using anyone else. In fact, they were so good that I have hired them several times since that move to help me organize several projects that I found too overwhelming to tackle myself.

Elaine L. – Dallas, TX

As a mother of 2 young children... I am as bad as it gets! I have a hard time getting rid of things I "might need". I had Christine with Closets by Chicka come over to assess my office and we ended up organizing the office, the kitchen, the laundry room and the kids toy areas (3 of them!). Her ideas are so practical and economical, "why didn't I think of that?" I ask myself... Because she is the expert, that's why! Thank you Christine!

Jennifer H. – Frisco, TX

After three years of living out of boxes and not knowing what I had or where it was, Christine with Closets by Chicka helped me get everything in order. It was well worth the time I took off work and every penny I spent to hire her.

I never knew organizing a house could be such fun!!!

Linda Y – Dallas, TX

I have lived in the same apartment for four years now and of course, I have acquired a lot of stuff. I don't have any extra storage closets so I have to keep everything in my bedroom closet. Every time I would go in my closet, I would get depressed. I knew something had to be done. I remembered that Christine Shanklin with Closets by Chicka organized I called her. Christine came over and was amazing!!! She was fast, organized, and very dedicated to her work. Something that would have taken me days only took her a few hours! I am so happy that I called her and so thankful that she did such a wonderful job!!! I would definitely love to have her come back and help me get organized in every room!!! She is my hero!!!

Jennifer B. – Addison, TX

I consider myself a fairly organized person, but since I am a mother & work full time and so does my husband it makes it very difficult for us to find enough time to get things organized. Since our house just went on the market, we thought it would be a good idea to get it organized and cleaned out. We recently had the pleasure of working with Christine Shanklin with Closets by Chicka and she made our garage and other areas in our home look amazing!

Thank you Christine!!!

Lea Ann B. – Plano, TX

Christine Shanklin did an awesome job on my Home Office. I can't believe how quickly she transformed my cluttered mess into a perfectly organized space. She also gave me tips on how to keep it running smoothly into the future. I would definitely recommend Closets by Chicka!!!

Kenna N. – Plano, TX